Property Management Done Right

Jackson Michigan Rental Property Managemant

Here at Production Realty, our philosophy is that a good property manager will make you more money than it costs to hire one. 

We keep fees low and simple to understand so you can easily make predictions on your investment.

Production Realty's Basic Fee Schedule:

80%  Tenant Acquirement
8%  Monthly Management Fee

           * FREE  Tenant Renewal/Retention
           * FREE  Price-Range Evaluation
           * FREE  Monthly Reports
           * Evictions around $350 + Court Costs

That's It!

Please contact us for all the details.


Fee Example:
Lets say you want to rent out the home that you own, but don't want to take on the hassle or legal responsibilities of being a landlord.  You hire Production Realty to be your property manager.  We then decide to rent your home for $1000 a month.  After we market and advertise, schedule several showings, and screen multiple applications, we will then approve a tenant for your home.  Of the first months $1000 rent, $200 will be wired into your account.  That covers our 80% Tenant Acquirement Fee.  After that, each month we collect the $1000 rent, we subtract 8% (our monthly management fee) and then wire $920 to your account. Simple as that!  If there are any needed repairs, we coordinate getting those completed and subtract that from the rents that we receive.  We Collect The Rent, You Get Paid.


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