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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Q ~ What is your pet policy?
A ~ Production Realty’s “general” Pet Policy is:
  • The term “pets” refers to dogs and cats only; “exotic pets” are not permitted.
  • All pets subject to Landlord approval.
  • If pets are Landlord approved, Tenant agrees to the following conditions:
  • 2 Pet Maximum
  • No Puppies/No Dog Breeding
  • No Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers
  • Additional, $100 one-time, non-refundable, pet fee, which may be negotiable
  • Extra, $25 per month, per pet, which may be negotiable

Q ~ Do you take Section 8?
A ~ Yes, we work with Section 8, MSHDA, and Community Action Agency, as well as other agencies who provide housing assistance.

Q ~ If I move-in on the 15th of the month in March, how much rent do I pay?
A ~ Rent is pro-rated in this case.  For example, if monthly rent is $700, here is the formula:
$700 x 12 = $8400 annually
$8400 annually / 365 days = $23.01 daily
17 days remaining in March x $23.01 = $391.23 March Rent Pro-Rated

Q ~ How much is your Security Deposit?

A ~ The maximum, legal security deposit can be a month and a half of the monthly rent.  So if rent is $700 monthly, the maximum security deposit can be $1050. However, Production Realty typical security deposit is equal to the monthly rent, so if rent is $700, so is the security deposit $700.

Q ~ Do you have any house and apartments that include utilities?

A ~ No, typically rent does not include utilities.  Tenant pays for all utilities; heat, electric, water/sewer, trash disposal, cable, phone, lawn care & snow removal. In the City of Jackson, there is a $300 deposit for changing the water/sewer to the Tenant’s name, but Production Realty waives that water/sewer deposit fee, and bills the Tenant directly, then the Tenant pays the water/sewer bill at the City, saving you $300!

Q ~ How much is needed to move-in the 1st of the month?
A ~ If rent is $700 monthly, and the security deposit is $700, then a total of $1400 is needed at lease signing, in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made out to Production Realty.

Q ~ Do I bring the rent in to Production Realty each month on the 1st?
A ~ No, but paying rent is easy! Typically, rent is due on the 1st, however in many of Production Realty’s lease agreements, there is a 5 day grace period. The Tenant pays all rent at any 5/3 Bank, using a deposit slip with the Production Realty Rental Deposit account number. The deposit slip with rent payment, preferably in the form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check made out to Production Realty (cash is also acceptable); can be mailed, paid in person, or placed in the night deposit box, at any 5/3 Bank location.

Q ~ If there’s a problem, or repair or maintenance needed, who do I call?

A ~ During normal business hours, you call Production Realty’s Rental Property Managers at 517-879-4682. After normal business hours, holidays and weekends, you call the Emergency Repair Service number. If there’s a burst water pipe, an inoperable furnace during cold months, or a hot water heater that doesn’t work & can’t wait until the next business day, you simply call the 24/7 Emergency Service number and a plumber or licensed furnace service person will respond, usually within an hour, so you can resume normal living!

Q ~ How long will you hold a house or apartment for me, until I move-in?
A ~ Production Realty usually has no problem renting properties right away.  But if you bring in the security deposit, and sign the lease, Production Realty will usually be able to hold the house or apartment for you for a short period of time, until you can make arrangements to move-in.

Q ~ What do you check on the Rental Application? Do you check credit?
A ~ Production Realty checks a lot of things, including things about your background, income verification, personal references, former landlords, as well as your credit history.  Our system usually will not reject an application because one area is blemished, however Production Realty is looking for “overall responsibility”, is the Tenant a responsible person who will maintain the property in a clean & sanitary condition and, pay the rent on time? If the answer is yes, then our system will likely accept your application. 

Q ~ Is there an application fee?

A ~ Yes, there is a $20 application fee that is non-refundable.  Your application, with the application fee, can be dropped off at any time.  Drop off in person, or through the mail slot after hours, at 1212 First St.


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